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At Kusini Water, we love to celebrate — which is why we love partnering with events, big or small. By partnering with Kusini for your event water supply, you’re not only giving great tasting water to your event attendees, you’re also impacting the lives of people all around South Africa.

For every litre of Kusini Water sold at your event, we are able to provide clean, safe drinking water to communities in need.

Make Your Celebration Felt Throughout
the Whole of South Africa!
Kusini Water at Oppikoppi



Northham, Limpopo Province

Wow! What an event. Kusini Water had the opportunity of supplying the Oppikoppi Festival with 500ml bottled Kusini Water. We even used a Mobile Kusini Treatment System to filter water right at the event.

Kusini Water at Oppikoppi South Africa

Through oppikoppi we were able to supply SAFE WATER & BIG SMILES to MANTSERRE PRIMARY SCHOOL

Kusini Water at Wings for Life

Wings For Life

Irene, Pretoria

Kusini Water supplied refreshing, clean water to the runners of Wings For Life. We kept all the runners hydrated with 500ml Kusini Bottled Water.

all purchases at wings for life helped us provide an UPGRADED WATER SYSTEM to MOTSHEGOFADIWA PRIMARY SCHOOL in Hamanskraal.

Red Bull Boxcart Event

Sandton, Johannesburg

Kusini water sold 500ml bottled water, all profits generated helped to deliver water through our site in the informal settlement of Joe Slovo Johannesburg.

Kusini Water at Red Bull Boxcart Event

profits from the day helped us DELIVER SAFE WATER through our systems in the INFORMAL SETTLEMENT OF JOE SLOVO, Johannesburg.