Frequently Asked Questions

100% of your contribution goes directly to the water project. Private companies and our commercial activities cover all overheads and expenses so your money can go directly to the respective water projects. Part of our project involves improving or adding new ablution facilities, especially in schools and clinics.

Data shows that most waterborne diseases affect mostly dense places and kids up to 10 years old, we therefore add latrines and ablution facilities as part of your contribution.

We send out 3 reports for each project, a project cycle report in the first month, a project progress report, and a close out report. When each site is complete, we work with our partners to compile a completion data report (approx. 12 months). We assemble and send you a report with the following information:

  • Water Flow data you can access through our platform

  • GPS coordinates of the site

  • Population data

  • Impact Matrix analytics: age breakdown from the site, health indicators

  • Photos from the site

We work entirely with local partners and communities. We involve the community as much as possible. We don’t consider our projects “complete” until the community receiving them is engaged and empowered to care for them.

Our maintenance models for each project relies on our local partners and the community. Working with the community also offers us an extra level of safety for our site, we believe in order to be sustainable and allow sites to continue to work we can only do this by working with the community.

Each quarter, we have specific water project opportunities available in various regions.

Get in touch to learn about the specific locations we’re working in this month, and how your gift can sponsor some of our most urgent needs. If you make an undesignated gift online, we will send your donation to the site where it will make the greatest impact. If you'd like to talk about where we work before you give online, email us here:

All our communities get water for free from us, we do not charge for the water supplied and anyonewho has access gets to use this water.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors and clients we use a 1 for 20 model. For every R1 we make, 20 liters is made available for free at our respective sites. Our corporate sponsors would choose to either fund an entire community or part of a community from their enterprise development or marketing budget. This allows us to put up the infrastructure and helps keep the water flowing.

We try our best to ensure that you receive any orders from the Kusini Online store within 72 hours. If we are unable to deliver in that timeframe, we will let you know via email. If you have not received your order still, you can meail us at

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