Every R 1.00 Spent is 20 Litres to Communities in Need Around South Africa

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If you’d rather not make a purchase for a physical item but still want to contribute to communities, you can join the Kusini H2Hope Cause which allows you to make a contribution to the site of your choice. Once-Off or Every Month. Through the Kusini H2Hope fund, 100% of your contributions go towards one of our Impact Site in South Africa.

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More than just Your Hydration

Kusini Water is about more than great tasting water. South Africa is experiencing one of it’s worst water crisis’ on record, and people in rural communities, especially children, are dying daily due to insufficient and unreliable access to safe, effective water and sanitation. Every time you buy Kusini Bottled Water or Subscribe to a Kusini Water Box, you change the lives of millions of South African.

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Every Litre Purchased will Give 20 Litres to a School and Community in Need


We’re all about making clean water available to communities and schools in need around South Africa in an effecicient and economical way. We do this by installing water filter systems in communities that lack access to safe water through profits made from your purchases. They're are easy to install and maintain, and don’t need electricity to run—making them ideal for the communities we’re trying to help.

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