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The Technology inside Kusini

How it all Works

The Filter

The Filter removes 99.9999% of disease causing bacteria & parasites from any water source. The Filter is comprised of a mechanical nano-filter with an activated carbon block in the center.  That means it physically separates particles from your water by trapping them inside the membrane.

The Filter removes bacteria, e-coli, and any particle bigger than ~0.01 microns in diameter from water of any source. Because our filter uses a mechanical filtration process, the Filter remains safe throughout the entire life of the filter. 


Nano-Fibre Membrane

All our products use a nano-fiber membrane. These membranes have 0,01micron pores that trap contaminants on one side and release clean water on the other end. Our membrane uses the latest technology in membrane production with minimum chemicals.

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What gets Filtered

E-coli, bacteria and things such as dissolved solids are bigger than the pores in our filter. Clean Water is able to pass through, but contaminants larger than 0.01 microns remain trapped, leaving water clean and disease free.

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Locally Sourced Material

Our products use two-stage filtration process; In addition to the nano-fiber membrane, an actived carbon block made from locally sourced macadamia nut shells is used to absorb chemicals like chlorine and pesticides.

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Water filters
For all
use cases

It’s Easy to Install

One inlet and One outlet.

It’s Modular

It can be custom built to your specification.

Gravity or Solar Powered

It doesn’t need any electricity to operate and can use solar at large scale.

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Impact Sites

These are all the locations that Kusini Water currently filters water.

Swartkop Valley
Primary School

19 Kromdraai Road

Water Report
Primary School

571 Agricultural Authority,

Primary School

22 Gemsbok Street

Water Report
Secondary School

Muraga Village
Limpopo Province