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Make Everyday,
Water Day

It only comes around once a year even though we need it every day. With your help, we can make Water Day, everyday.

22 March 2020

Your Commitment is Helping us Turn the Tide on the Water Crisis

Kusini Water has committed itself to creating long-term, sustainable solutions to the water crisis in South Africa. We have developed a water filtration system that doesn’t require electricity to run and uses off-waste macadamia nutshells to filter water.

But to keep these systems running sufficiently and constantly; we need your help. Your purchases allow us to keep the water flowing and life flourishing.

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Hydration Boxes

For World Water Day 2020, we have set a goal. For the week following the day, we need to sell 90 Hydration Boxes; which will equate to 40’000 Litres given to schools that need it!

40’000 Litres
90 Hydration Boxes

How Many Litres Have we Helped with so far...

Every Hydration Box Sold is equal to 440 Litres to a school or community at one of our Impact Sites below.

1 Box = 440 Litres 
880 Litres
2 Boxes

Impact Sites

These are the Five schools that will benefit most from your Hydration Box purchase. Every Box sold will help keep the water flowing and life thriving.

Impact Sites-img
  1. Embo Child Educare Centre, Mkhize Road, Hillcrest

  2. Mbalenhle Pre-School, Hillcrests

  3. Ekuthuleni Childcare Centre Phola Mission, Kwamashu Valley

  4. Mariannridge Secondary School, Mariannridge

  5. Mariannridge Primary School, Mariannridge

Help Us Make an Even Bigger Impact

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