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Statement of Action

The Steps Kusini Water will be taking during COVID-19 Lockdown.


As large populations around the world find themselves in unfamiliar territory, official responses are becoming increasingly stringent when it comes to managing the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – and understandably so. In light of President Ramaphosa’s declaration of the situation as a national disaster, we believe that it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and the people around us safe in managing the spread of COVID-19, as well as to continue providing access to safe clean water particularly in these times.

We understand that as a social enterprise working in the water and sanitation space it is our duty to act and reduce the likelihood of communities without access to clean water being disproportionately affected by the pandemic. We also believe you, our clients need to rest assured and know that we are committed in continuing to provide you with quality drinking water.

Our Water Shop will continue to operate but with no more than two people at a time instore, extra care will be taken to sanitize all surfaces and areas throughout the store. We have also implemented various extra operational, health and hygiene measures to protect our staff, clients and the community.


  • We have called off all official site launches initially scheduled for March up until May.
  • With the implementation of the latest travel restrictions, we will refrain from meeting with any client that has entered or re-entered the country for a period of 14 days from entry.
  • Our team will not embark on any non-essential air travel.

Please take note of the following pertaining to deliveries and client/site visits:

  • We have instructed our delivery and operations team not to interact with any team members or clients if they are experiencing any cold- or flu like symptoms, until the necessary medical steps have been taken.
  • When we visit our clients, our team will sanitize before going into your property and after the visit has concluded.
  • Our team has been instructed to avoid all personal contact and to remain at least 1 metre from you and your family at all times.
  • Our team will be equipped with sanitizers and will make sure that these are used at the appropriate times.


Due to the fact that so many communities do not have access to clean water this pandemic will most affect low income communities and we believe it is our duty to do something about this. We will therefore be launching 5 impact sites over the week and aim to launch a site every week for the next three months, these sites will give clean water for free to communities. We will be able to track volumes used daily and we are also able to operate each site remotely.

We will be doing a virtual launch on the 26th of March and we will announce more details soon. This launch will be the first of 50 sites we will be launching in partnership with DHL and local NGOs across South Africa. All the launches will be done virtually and anyone can join in from their homes.

We share your concern about the impact of the current situation and the possibility of COVID-19 spreading, with all the consequences that  it might entail, and we are 100% committed to managing the spread of the virus. Thank you so much for your understanding and please join us by doing your best to stay healthy and to carry on hydrating and doing good in your communities. We also understand if you feel ware to travel outside your home for Water supplies, so please, make use of our online store and get your water delivered straight to your door.

Stay Safe,
Murendi and the Kusini Water team

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