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Partner Program: Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation

The Nkantolo Education Project

The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation (the Foundation) is a Public Benefit Organisation that was established to promote, protect and preserve the legacy of veteran freedom fighters and doyens of democracy, Oliver and Adelaide Tambo.

The Foundation has been promoting the memory of the Tambos by undertaking education-focused, community-upliftment initiatives that seek to empower women and young people and instil in future generations the values for which the Tambos stood.

The Foundation is mandated to provide assistance to the people of Oliver Tambo’s birthplace, Nkantolo, with a particular focus on youth. As such, we have been running a programme in the area for the past four years that provides sanitary pads and dignity packs to pupils from four schools, in addition to the local clinic. The five sites are:

  1. Qobo Junior Senior School (± 456 pupils)
  2. Kantolo Junior Secondary School (± 401 pupils)
  3. O.R. Tambo Technical High School (± 495 pupils)
  4. Marelane Senior Secondary School (±1390 pupils)
  5. Qobo Clinic

There is no running water at any of the above institutions. The Foundation, therefore, identified the need to assist the aforementioned sites in getting access to clean, safe and accessible water and developed a project accordingly, which was due to be launched in September 2020.



To improve the quality of life for the people of Nkantolo through the provision of long term and self-sustaining access to safe drinking water, sanitation and ablution facilities, with a view to fight COVID-19 in the short-term and improve overall health and hygiene of the community in the long-term.


To provide long-term, sustainable access to safe drinking water and ablution facilities for the staff and learners at Qobo JSS, Kantolo JSS, Marelane SSS, the O.R Tambo Technical High School and Qobo Clinic to assist in the fight against COVD-19 in the short-term, and improve the overall health and hygiene for the people of Nkantolo in the long-term.



Impacts Sites from this project

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