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We are a social enterprise and a leader in sustainable water security solutions.

Our innovative product solution is an answer to many communities’ needs:
A mobile, solar-powered water filtering pump containing macadamia nut shells that is currently successfully filtering 3 000 000 litres of water per month at 16 different sites around South Africa.

Kusini Water Kiosk

Kusini Kiosk is the solution for township and middle income areas. We bring purified water to communities most in need, you get to save on transport to get purified.

Why the Kusini Water Kiosk:

Financial sustainability is one of the biggest challenges in rural water economics; over 50% of all water projects fail within the first 2 to 3 years due to lack of sustainability. At Kusini we aim to reach millions of people with access to clean water so we are putting up water kiosks within townships and middle income areas where we are challenging ourselves to truly ensure a sustainable rural water business model to ensure full cost recovery. Acknowledging that water revenue is limited by low ability-to-pay levels, we focus on reaching economies of scale and bringing the price of the hardware down while selling refill water in middle income communities.


Solar Powered

We use internationally rated solar panels which power our pumps, sensors and coupled with a remote control system that runs at varying times to ensure water pumping is possible even during low sunlight conditions. This allows our systems to run at no cost with an off-grid system.

Kusini Water pumps

The pumping system is controlled using advanced electronics with sensors placed in both the tank and the borehole, which switch off the pump when the tank is full in order to avoid overflow. The sensors also cut off the pump supply if the water drops below a preset level. The flow sensor records the pumped water volume and updates it on our remote server on a real-time basis using GPRS technology, so we can constantly monitor community water consumption and sustainability.

Remote Monitoring

With a remote monitoring unit incorporated into every site, the performance of each site can be monitored by our technical team from anywhere in the world. We evaluate the information sent from our sites on a daily basis allowing us to reduce unnecessary site visits and ensures maximum uptime for the facilities at a very efficient cost.

Warranty & LIfespan

Kusini Water provides every site with a two-year guarantee on our systems, although the average lifespan exceeds ten years when properly maintained. We have a trained and qualified technical support team available in all countries of operation, with all necessary tools and components on hand to repair any problem in the unlikely event of an issue.

Modular Structure & Installation

The communities that we serve are often remote and difficult to access by road. Our entire structure is flat-packed for easy transportation and assembly. Using minimal tools, it is installed in just 3-4 hours. Additionally, all electrical wiring and the solar panel set-up is pre- assembled in our factory in Johannesburg, so require minimum connection on site.

E-Payment System

To ensure financial transparency and sustainability, we have implemented a cashless payment system for use on our kiosks. All water dispensing transactions are executed, monitored, and recorded in the system. This allows for us to reduce physical touch points and human resources on the ground.

Smart Water Dispenser

Our smart water dispenser is more than just a smart water machine. Hooking up to an existing water line, dispenser provides customizable pours of still, sparkling, and flavored water on demand. (Pure filtered water included.) This smart water dispenser is also internet-connected and automatically notifies our technicians when a machine needs servicing.

Our dispensers are Countertop, hidden beauty.All of its plumbing and hardware are integrated into your kitchen’s base cabinets, leaving only the sleek, compact dispensing unit visible on the countertop. Simply put: it’s sleek enough for any kitchen design.

NOTE: The Countertop hardware must be installed in the base cabinet space below the dispenser.

Benefits of having Kusini Smart Water Dispenser

Money Saver

Bottle your own water at your office and avoid paying extra for drums full of filtered water or having to replace or wait for water deliveries.


It filters any source of water and can be paired with Kusini filter box.

Environmentally Friendly

Help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing the use of plastic bottles.

Water Conservation

No drain water, no rinsing, just simple pure water with a filter that is replaced every few months and upcycled.

Kusini Water Box

Our flagship product

The Kusini Water Box can give your location total water security for the future.

To find out more see KLM case study here and to find out if your site is compatible, click the button below.


Internet Connectivity
Macadamia Nutshell Carbon Nanofibre Membrane
External Water Pipe Fitment
Dual Dispenser System with 5 Sensors
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